Quicksilver Messenger Service

Quicksilver Messenger Service

Quicksilver Messenger Service Winterland 1967-1975 il Box con 4 CD

05/05/2018 - di mescalina.it
Restaurate e rimasterizzate, escono in un box di 4 CD i concerti che i Quicksilver Messenger Service tennero al Winterland Ballroom di San Francisco. Gli shows fecero parte dei KSAN FM Broadcasts che vennero messi in onda dalla KSAN radio al tempo. I concerti sono già stati pubblicati nel tempo, ma questa dovrebbe essere la versione, si spera, definitiva. 

Disc One - DECEMBER 31ST 1967
Pride Of Men
Who Do You Love
If You Live
It`s Been Too Long
Smokestack Lightning
Babe, I`m Gonna Leave You
Gold And Silver
Dino`s Song
Back Door Man
Mona - Maiden Of The Cancer Moon

Disc Two - APRIL 15TH 1970
Warm Red Wine
The Truth
Long Haired Lady
Pride Of Man
Edward, The Mad Shirt Grinder*
Who Do You Love?

* Piano Solo By Nicky Hopkins

Disc Three - DECEMBER 28TH 1975
Fresh Air
Baby, Baby
Gypsy Lights
Heebie Jeebies
Cowboy On The Run
Bittersweet Love
They Don`t Know

Disc Four - DECEMBER 28TH 1975
Worryin` Shoes
What About Me
Freeway Flyer
Who Do You Love?